"The World Poker Tour" - we added to our extensive show line up, this fast action poker show that is broadcast on the all the Fox Sports Network regional broadcasts.  This show receives multiple plays throughout each one week period.  Nielsen numbers from FSN plays available on a national basis.


​ New!  Launching this September 2018:

"The Dr. Nandi Show" - a weekly one-hour series featuring Dr. Partha Nandi discussing health care, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices with top experts. 

"Mantracker" - a gritty, weekly half-hour adventure series that pits an expert tracker against two weekend warriors in a chase through a remote and rugged wilderness.

"StartTV" network launches and SMI will represent a one-hour block of inventory.

​"TBD 7-Pack" ​- weekly and weekend exposure on (M-F at 9am, S/Sun at 10am) gives great frequency and reach at a low price.

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