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Each program is unique and can provide value to the right client or brand. One-size-fits-all approaches never provide the one solution.  Each show we represent stands on it own merits, and will provide the right value for the right advertiser.  We are not here for short run profits, we are in the business of creating long term relationships that build on themselves over time. 

our approach

who we are

Richard has been selling television advertising since 1984.  He spent the over half of his career representing short form  promotional spots, launching Creative Television Marketing in 1997 and growing that company into one of the top firms in the business. He started Storrs Media in January 2011, after recognizing the need for quality representation for national television programs' commercial time for unrated shows.  Through strong, long term network connections directly with clients and national agencies, he has built a winning formula for "turning time into money" for both the programs SMI represents and the client who benefit from quality exposure.

When it comes to representing advertising time, there are many ways to approach this business.  SMI employs a unique strategy which includes putting buyers and sellers in the best position to come out with the highest value. Through solid, lifetime relationships with distributors and key agency players, SMI is able to produce the highest possible income generation for the inventory we secure.

Our team of professionals, with sales offices on both coasts, strive to provide focused, customer centered service.  Our staff is responsive to the needs and goals of our clients and go the extra mile to help them achieve them.

SMI's formula is to create a  "partnership" with our content providers and advertising clients, as when a good deal is struck, everyone comes out a winner.

our formula

"After over 35 years representing national television advertising, it is my goal to do all I can to Help both the program and the advertiser find the correct balance between price and value, so everyone comes out a winner!"

- Richard storrs